Applications are now being taken for Launch Accelerator Immersion
The only done-with-you digital course program designed to help conscious business owners and experts scale their true life's work online with digital courses and schools

Launch Accelerator Immersion 
A 6 month personalized, hybrid (one-to-one and group) done-with-you program designed to turn your expertise into profitable digital courses and schools. 
the problem
You don’t know how to leverage your assets into a comprehensive online money-making-machine that aligns with your business and stays true to you.

Does this reflect where you are at?

You are a visionary, content creator who has successfully shared your work with hundreds of clients and students, but you know there is a whole world online waiting for you and you are ready to crystallize your course and invest in results.
You know you can impact more people and change even more lives in the digital world and scale your business with multiple revenue streams, but you’ve tried the DIY path, launched a course, and are tired of doing it on your own.
You’ve hit a business plateau and know that it is time to diversify your income streams to build resiliency and sustain you no matter where you are or what you are doing.
If you feel called to step into a higher purpose, uniquely position yourself to serve your audience intentionally, and to align that calling with a vision to scale your business, Launch Accelerator Immersion is for you.

just imagine
When you have an online course created in alignment with your life's work, you are impacting more people and creating additional revenue for your business.
  • Creating a unique personalized online course, school, or academy with simple, step-by-step guidance that walks you through each phase of launching a custom online program
  • Having a team of experts to turn to for advice and experience for all of your questions to make the process simple, understandable, and fast
  • Designing a new, sustainable revenue model for your business that is limitless in possibilities, feels aligned, and gets results
  • ​Having the freedom to create your own custom launch model (no over-templated, cookie-cutter approach here), backed by the experience of a team that has helped launch over 16M in revenue for clients
If you’re an established offline business owner, educator, speaker, author or facilitator who wants to profitably scale your business by bringing your life-changing work online...we are here to help.

Launch Accelerator Immersion is a 6 month done-with-you program that will guide you through all three launch phases of birthing an online course 
so you turn your vision into a profitable reality.

  • With launch checklists and templates for every landing page, email, webinar, and more, you don’t have to worry about what you should be doing next or how you should be doing it.
  • You also don’t have to worry about researching answers to all of your questions about marketing, writing, technology and more because expert guidance is only an email or phone call away. 
  • We’ve taken years of marketing and launch experience, hundreds of successful launches, and hours of instruction and packaged it into a holistic course that will take you from idea to launch with confidence and ease. 
Show Off All The Possible Benefits. Be Visual, 
Creative. Imagine The Benefits.
and more!

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to leverage your existing content and expertise to accelerate your growth (and you know the next step is to create your own online course)
  • You want to create a new, sustainable revenue model to exponentially grow your business (and you want the freedom an online revenue provides)
  • You have hit a plateau in your 1:1 business and you are ready to expand your reach (but you aren’t sure how to do that on your own)
  • ​You want to create an online course that allows you to carve your own path with simplicity and ease (and the DIY path you’ve been on hasn’t quite worked out)

This program is not for you if:
  • You’re not prepared to commit to a four-figure investment in the tools and learning that will support your long-term success
  • You believe you can move your business forward on your own, without additional strategic support
  • ​You’re not motivated to take action to work towards BIG results  
  • ​You don’t have clarity about how you want to help others and make a difference right now
Launch Accelerator Immersion
We have combined personalized coaching combined with proven strategies and frameworks and continuous support to leverage your expertise into a profitable digital education business.
With the Launch Accelerator Immersion, you’ll receive:
  • Clarity : Build your online course or program using your content from your years of success and expertise.
  • Confidence in Yourself and Your ROI : Create a personalized path on your terms, aligned with your vision, using a proven system and strategies that consistently delivers profitable results.
  • Customized Revenue Growth & Team Support : Walk away with a new revenue model and a laser-focused, personalized, specific launch strategy to make it happen with expert guidance and coaching each step of the way.
  • Convenience: No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the course. 
what's included


  • Design and create your digital revenue streams over four private strategy calls so you have a model and plan that is customized and personalized for your business.
  • First call will take place 2 weeks after kick-off, second call at half way point and then last call take place two weeks before expiration


  • Our in-house copywriter provides detailed feedback and edits for your initial drafts to support your program launch. Your copy will be optimized for clarity, conversions and to ensure your brand voice resonates with your target audience.
  • You will have fully developed launch assets after utilizing our framework and professional copywriting feedback to re-use launch after launch. 


  • Monthly 1-1 accountability calls with your accountability mentor to keep you on track


  • 24 total LIVE group coaching calls where you’ll receive expert laser-focused, personalized problem-solving guidance from Destinee, to support you through your unique challenges — no matter where you’re at in your process!


  • Get your questions answered in-between live calls M-F, 72 hour turnaround outside of holidays or communicated outages.


  • 24 LIVE group tech calls and implementation support: bring your tech questions to our tech expert for live troubleshooting via Zoom screen share.


  • 24 LIVE FB group calls with FB ad experts who know Facebook ads like the back of their hands: bring your questions & challenges and receive real-time ads support.
  • Custom Facebook curriculum designed specifically for Launch Accelerator
  • Receive a special member’s rate to Successful Ad Club (M-F training).


  • 9 Accelerator Kickstart Modules so you can hit the ground running
  • 9 Foundation Modules that cover how to build and grow your audience, set the perfect price, how to warm up your audience so they are ready to jump into your program and more!
  • Step-by-step online training library, with over 12 hours of content, including essential skills like copywriting, sales, tech you can revisit over and over again.
  • 15 proven launch templates and frameworks for sales pages, webinar pages, virtual summits, nurture emails and more
Course Curriculum
  • MODULE 1: Your Soul-Centered Vision
  • MODULE 2: Your 90-Day “Launch Mastery” Plan
  • MODULE 3: Positioning and Pricing Your Program
  • MODULE 4: Master the Art of Content Mapping
  • MODULE 5: Relationship Building and Audience Engagement
  • ​MODULE 6: Expand Your Reach - List Building Strategies
  • ​MODULE 7: Convert Your Fans to Loyal Customers
  • MODULE 8: Testing, and Tying It All Together
  • MODULE 9: Post Launch Reflection...what’s next? Use your launch learnings to refine and grow your next one! 
If you are ready to have everything you need to create an online course from concept to launch with simplicity and ease so you can impact more lives and diversify your revenue streams...
results you can count on

Katrine Berge
yoga therapist
Added $112k of revenue
"Working with Destinee was an amazing journey — she helped me map out exactly how to reach my goals, realize my potential and provided exceptional support throughout my entire launch, exceeding all of my expectations! Thanks to Destinee and her team: our launch results doubled and we’ve added $112,000 of top line revenue to our launches after working together. I love her soulful understanding of doing online business and the gentle push she gives will challenge you to move forward and grow. Now, I can relax into finally feeling financially safe and create space for new ideas!"
Summarize the transformations they’ve experienced.
Show off just how much easier, lighter, happier, better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.

Brought in over $32k
"Success! Just wanted to share the amazing news that I have 110 people signed up for my first launch, bringing in more than 32K in revenue."
Summarize the transformations they’ve experienced.
Show off just how much easier, lighter, happier, better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.
my story
I’m Destinee Berman, the creator and founder of the Launch Accelerator Immersion.
After 15 years of marketing experience in Silicon Valley with clients like Twitter, HP and Microsoft– I left to step into my calling in 2014. In the last 5 years, I’ve led 70+ online course launches, generating over 15M in revenue in both mainstream and niche markets.

My mission is to help you take your life’s work online and create the freedom, power and income you desire — and right now, that includes stepping into greater courage and confidence to activate the vision you’ve held for years so you can serve the audience that needs you most.

Remind them that waiting will have consequences, what will happen if they don't act now.
you asked
Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The program is 6 months, with lifetime access to the course materials:
  • 9 Accelerator Kick-Off Modules so you can hit the ground running 
  • 9 Launch Modules that cover how to build and grow your audience, set the perfect price, how to warm up your audience so they are ready to jump into your program and more! 
  • Step-by-step online training library, with over 12 hours of content, including essential skills like copywriting, sales, tech, and more, so you can set-up your launch with ease 
  • 15 proven launch templates and frameworks to make launching your program easier

What type of support do I receive outside of the scheduled calls?
Get all your questions answered in-between live calls M-F, 72 hour turnaround outside of holidays or communicated outages. 

What type of calls are included?
  • 4 one-to-one strategy calls to help you develop the best online program for you from course idea to final launch, including a business growth plan to ensure sustainability of your new revenue stream
  • Monthly one-on-one accountability calls with your Private Accountability Coach to answer questions and provide launch mentorship so you maintain your momentum and stay on track
  • 24 LIVE group coaching calls with Destinee to receive expert, personalized problem-solving guidance to support you through your unique challenges. It’s also a great way to learn from others, no matter where you are in the process!
  • ​24 LIVE group tech calls: get all your tech and implementation questions answered by our tech expert during these live troubleshooting sessions
  • 24 LIVE FB ads calls: bring your questions & challenges to our ad experts and receive real-time ads support.

I am not from the U.S., will I be able to effectively participate? 

Our community has students from 23 different countries, and Destinee consults with organizations all over the world on how to create, build and market their digital offerings. The customization aspect of this course means you can be successful no matter where you are located.

Will this program teach how to differentiate myself? 

Yes, the early modules will speak to your unique proposition and what sets you apart from your competitors. Once that is established, all of the work afterwards will work to differentiate yourself and your offer from others. Because each online program is customized and personalized to each client, setting you apart is our specialty. This is not a cookie cutter system because we know that every business is unique.

Will I be able to get clarity on my concept?  

Setting up your unique offer is one of the most important decisions you will make. We will get started on that during your very first strategy call. Our team has years of experience positioning companies to speak to and stay aligned with their unique qualities so that you will have clarity on what you will offer.

If I start from scratch, what are my chances of success?

The program is designed to take you through each step of the process and you are provided with continuous feedback. Accelerator students are experts in their field - whether it’s in fertility, mental health, meditation or fitness. From that perspective, we don’t see it as you starting from scratch - even if you have a zero person list or zero digital presence. 

What kind of business owner is Launch Accelerator designed for?

It is for those who have entered the online marketplace, but are ready to scale their growth, serve more people, and expand their online revenue stream. If you know moving into the digital course world is your next step, and you are ready for 1:1 guidance and support to create a successful, profitable course launch that is personalized and aligned to you, then Launch Accelerator Immersion is for you!

If I’ve launched my course before, how can Launch Accelerator work for me?

The beauty of the personalization aspect of Launch Accelerator is that you can start where you are. If you have previously launched a course, the marketing model and business growth plan discussed in your kick-off call will start you on the road to scaling your online business.

What if I have a zero person list?

Having a zero person list when you are an established expert means you are NOT starting from the ground up (even if it feels that way). We will show you how to amplify your 1:1 clients into an online audience and to grow that audience through list building and advertising. With these strategies you will be surprised how quickly your list will grow!   
Scale your life’s work online to design a new, sustainable revenue stream, leverage your existing assets, reach more people, and change more lives through a personalized, custom launch model created YOUR way.
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